Inspired by a common game worldwide once or always fascinating us for some moments.
A game of high demand for skills, winning factors such as ingenious strategy, sound decision and luck.
Token board game (a.k.a Ludo or Pachisi originated in India) has a history of more than one thousand years.
And for the right age, board game of horse is back and up for grabs in style!!!
Luck is no longer a must, but move brainstorming, elite deployment and tactics then are decisive characteristics.
The horses are not simply muscle machines, their spirit, power, skillset and stunning appearance are to be built.


- One master game and 5 enhanced mini games (To be updated soon). Mastering them online with friends is as appealing as in the Horse Race game.
- 14 breeds of horse, evolved into iconic characters like Iron Steed, Darth Knight, Sean Geeky, Red Hare and so many more.
- Astounding backgrounds of all seasons and striking events throughout the year are delivered in hot pursuit of the game excitement. Auto update is available instead of manual upgrade for the best convenience.
- 1 mini game is constantly offered during the progress of the main race. Waiting for next turn is long gone. Big Small mini game entertains and brings you more money during other players' turn.
- Train and strengthen your horse class and level in matches and practices (To be updated soon).

Social systems

- Connect with friends via social networks. Invite friends and family on Facebook and Google+ to play has never been easier.
- Systems of trading, gift and shop of items like horses, backgrounds and endless different offerings.

Reward systems

- Amazing and valuable prizes are bought to players on a nonstop basis.